Vaillant Group UK creating sustainable growth

Training is key to the success of Vaillant’s Vision2020 strategy

Training is key to the success of Vaillant’s Vision2020 strategy

Vaillant Group UK, the heating and hot water technology manufacturer, is celebrating a year since the arrival of managing director, Klaus Jesse.

In the past 12 months, Klaus has restructured his commercial, marketing, and technology teams. Key to these changes is a refined approach to the strategic direction for Vaillant Group UK.

Klaus and his team have committed to creating a sustainable model for growth, ensuring Vaillant puts its customers and installers at the heart of its business and becomes the leading provider of digital services in the heating industry.

The strategy spans all areas of the Vaillant business, from its service offering to training, product innovation and environmental impact. One year on, VGUK is ready to share the plans to implement this bold initiative – Vision2020.

The main focus areas of the strategy include a shift from product to service centricity, focusing on installer and customer needs, embracing technological advancements and making ambitious service promises.

Specific changes include using new digital service tools with a trend analysis function which triggers an early warning system, with the aim of being better able to understand installer and customer demands.

VGUK is also actively investing in restructuring its call centres to ensure multi-skilled staff are better able to assist installers and customers in interactions both within and outside of the company.

Improved training is another key focus for Vision2020, for both installers and VGUK employees at all levels. Improvements include restructured training for engineers to advance their skills, as well as investment in a learning database for installers.

Klaus said: “We believe that it is Vaillant’s responsibility to take care of a better climate, inside each home and the world around it, which is why we developed the Vision2020 strategy. It is a sustainable business plan that puts installers first, to create sustainable growth across the business. We are investing heavily across all departments to support this strategy and have already seen great results one year on. We look forward to continuing this strong progress, and to creating a robust future, not just for Vaillant, but for the industry as a whole.”