Xylem moves heat exchanger production

Xylem’s heat exchanger production is moving to Devon

Xylem’s heat exchanger production is moving to Devon

To maintain the high standards of innovation, manufacture, and service, Xylem has moved the manufacture of its Lowara brazed and gasketed plate heat exchangers to its in-house production facility in Axminster, Devon.

With extensive component stock to meet customers’ delivery requirements, products built to order, and all products tested in-house, the facility will be able to meet customer demand while maintaining the high quality expected from the Lowara brand.

Mark Trevaskis, sales support manager, said: “Heat exchangers are integral to the efficiency of a heating system, no matter the size or application, leading to optimum heat and thermal transfer and significant savings for customers.

“Moving the production of our heat exchangers to our Axminster facility will provide this area of the business with the resources it needs to meet customer demand and consistently deliver high quality, efficient products.”