Altecnic celebrates 30 years…

Altecnic celebrates 30 years of successful trading

Altecnic celebrates 30 years of successful trading

Altecnic is celebrating 30 years as the UK’s leading provider of high-quality heating and plumbing components.

Accompanied by senior directors from Caleffi, Altecnic’s Italian parent company, the entire staff at the Stafford-based business turned out to raise a glass to three decades of successful trading and to toast the future.

Altecnic’s managing director, Alan Sherwin, said: “Our success is built on our employees, coming to work every day doing the best they can to generate growth in the business.

“I want to say thank you to everyone within Altecnic and particularly those who do that little bit extra. Those who get up at ridiculous times in the morning to make sure they are with customers at 8.30. Those who volunteer for the health and safety team. Those who train as fire marshals and first aiders.”

In the last 12 months Altecnic has sold 6.7 million products, despatched 61,184 individual orders to 3,469 delivery points and received 12,500 pallets of deliveries.

Supporting its customers, Altecnic received 70,000 phone calls last year, with the internal sales team taking 57,000 calls, the technical department answering 6,500 calls and customer services department receiving 2,100.

Over the same 12-month period the sales team drove 468,000 miles to visit customers and prospects.