It’s time to think ‘Installers First’

Over the past few weeks, the industry has experienced a certain unity among installers, with plumbers and engineers from all over uniting over social media to make their voices heard.

Now, a new division, ‘Installers First,’ has been launched for Gas Safe engineers. Led by HHIC director, Stewart Clements, the aim is provide engineers with a voice. It’s free to register and independently operated. It also has some Gas Safe installers on board supporting it, and works alongside Installers Unite, with a shared goal of improving the industry for the better.

Stewart said: “We need to communicate with each other, with the government, with manufacturers, and anyone else who has an influence on our livelihood. How can we do this? Well, the reality is that we must remain aware of and be prepared to respond to, a variety of changes from external factors. Government policy, European legislation, building regulations, gas safety, the list goes on.

“It has never been more important for everyone in the industry to get involved and provide a constructive contribution, and by that, I don’t mean twitter. A well-crafted, well timed tweet may get you admiration from your peers for 20 seconds if you’re lucky, but in terms of helping to affect actual change that impacts your business, it’s about as useful as waterproof tea bags.

“Coming together like we have in recent months is just the beginning. If we are to be properly heard we need links and influences. The good news is that ‘Installers First’ can provide those links and influences, it costs nothing to be a part of it and the benefits are immeasurable.”

What is Installers First?

‘Installers First’ is a community of Professional Accredited Heating Installers. The voice of installers, for installers, by installers.

Stewart continued: “It’s very early days for us, but the response we have received so far shows how passionate the industry is about being heard and making improvements. As with any industry, opinion will differ. Our job is to manage that and bring the industry together with a common goal that everyone can support. Common sense is key.”

It provides installers with information and an opportunity to help shape the industry, government regulation and policy, making sure common sense and the voice of the industry is applied and listened to.

‘Installers First’ was created to provide a platform for Installers to have their say and a single point of information on the latest industry developments. This includes government consultations for proposed legislation, regulation and schemes like Energy Company Obligation and Green Deal.

‘Installers First’ has gathered industry feedback over the past few months and identified three key ambitions:

• Training and skills
• Bureaucracy
• Safety and standards

‘Installers First’ will be on stand P320 at Installer 2017 to present its official launch.

Visit: for more information.