OFTEC urges industry to meet lower NOx emissions requirements ahead of time

Paul Rose

Paul Rose

The oil heating industry is keeping ahead of the game, following manufacturer innovations and should be ready to comply with the new lower NOx emission legislation on a range of appliances before the September 2018 deadline, says OFTEC.

New requirements on flue gas emissions, covered by the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive, state that from September 2018, NOx emissions from oil boilers must not exceed 120mg/kWh.

OFTEC CEO, Paul Rose, said: “Innovation throughout the oil heating industry remains strong with improved performance condensing boilers, better controls, wireless fuel monitoring and importantly, with the new ErP legislation looming, the development of low NOx burners and boilers.

“Manufacturers such as Riello and EOGB have risen to the challenge and not only produced burners which meet the new 2018 standards, but also developed models in anticipation of the next round of ErP regulations in 2022 which are expected to enforce even lower NOx levels.

“Although of course, how these standards affect the UK will be governed by our relationship with the EU in six years’ time.”

In 2014, OFTEC helped secure a major win for the industry, challenging an EU standard which would have required oil heating appliances to meet NOx levels as low as 92mg/kWh by 2018. This level can only be achieved with a blue flame burner rather than the yellow flame burners currently in use.