APHC reminds installers of important role…



Following the heatwave experienced across parts of the UK last week, the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC) is emphasising the importance of saving water all year round and the vital role quality plumbing and heating installers play in providing members of the public with water efficiency advice.

In light of the hot conditions, APHC is reminding members of the plumbing and heating trade that while heatwaves are often cited as a reason for saving water, installers should be encouraging consumers to be water efficient all year round.

In addition to the importance of preserving this precious resource for future generations, advising members of the public on how to be more water efficient through techniques such as grey water usage and the installation of water efficient devices could also help customers on water meters make significant savings on their water bills.

John Thompson, chief executive at APHC, said: “In hot weather, consumers are often advised to be sparing with their water usage in order to prevent against potential droughts, however, it’s only by adopting water efficient habits all year round that we will ensure we continue to have access to supplies of fresh, clean water in the years to come. Quality plumbing installers play an essential part in this and should be regularly providing water efficiency advice to members of the public as part of their customer service package.”