Altecnic aims to end expansion vessels guesswork…

The Reflex expansion vessel range from Altecnic

The Reflex expansion vessel range from Altecnic

A significant proportion of installers are risking compromising the performance and reliability of central heating systems by relying on guesswork when choosing an essential component.

A recent survey by Altecnic found that nearly two-thirds of installers made no thorough calculations before installing an expansion vessel. As a result, they may be compromising the efficiency and reliability of the system they are installing.

Chris Brass, technical manager at Altecnic, explained: “Most installers recognise the importance of an expansion vessel to prevent damage when water in a heating system expands, but we were surprised at how many did not pay enough attention to sizing.

“By either guessing the size required or, in many cases, installing a like-for-like replacement, installers may seriously compromise performance and the life expectancy of the system.

“As well as reducing system efficiency by increasing waste water, under-sizing a vessel can cause other problems. For example, an undersized vessel can result in high pressure in the system creating an issue where the safety relief valve needs to discharge.”

The correct sizing is based on a calculation that takes into account a number of factors, including boiler output, radiator size and type, system volume and the static head.

To help with this issue, Altecnic is giving away free vessel-sizing calculators.

The Reflex range of expansion vessels has pioneered the use of nitrogen in its products, following a similar principle to that behind the use of the gas in racing tyres.

Nitrogen is an inert gas so minimises vessel corrosion and it does not permeate through the membrane as readily as compressed air. This means the Reflex range retains its pre-charge pressure for longer than traditional vessels and with less risk of membrane failure it provides a cost effective solution that can be installed with confidence.

Chris continued: “So confident are we that this technological advancement will significantly enhance the life expectancy of the German-engineered vessels, we are offering our own five-year warranty on the entire Reflex range.”

Further information about the Reflex expansion vessel range is available on the Altecnic website at:, and a FREE vessel-sizing calculator can be ordered by telephoning: 01785 218 222.