‘Build a boiler’ winners assemble on Worcester’s production line

Worcester’s Build a Boiler Winners

’s Build a Boiler Winners

Nine lucky installers have come away from Worcester, Bosch Group with a brand new boiler made by their own fair hands, after testing their skills on the manufacturer’s factory floor.

As part of its first ever ‘Build a Boiler’ competition, Worcester invited the winners to experience its innovative manufacturing process first-hand as they constructed their very own Greenstar i. Installers were taken to one of the manufacturer’s four ‘lean’ assembly lines and given the chance to get hands on with the 623 parts and 441 process steps that go into every one of its boilers.

The winners then worked against the clock in a final manufacturing challenge, with the time closest to Worcester’s production line standard of 120 seconds, also winning a Wave internet-connected controller.

The day concluded with a visit on Worcester’s all-new factory and facilities tour, where they were offered an exciting glimpse into the journey from part to product.

, director of marketing and technical support at Worcester, said: “We want installers to feel special whenever they come to our headquarters for training or a site tour. This was a fantastic opportunity to do just that, while inviting installers to take a look at the extensive checks and manufacturing processes that go into all of our boilers.”

To experience Worcester’s brand new factory and facilities tour first hand, register your interest at: www.worcester-bosch.co.uk/factory.