Shocking figures found by Electrical Safety First

A study carried out by Electrical Safety First has found that there are around 80 million accidents within the home and around 2.5 million people suffering from electric shocks each year.

When an electric current is passed through the body, it causes an electric shock, usually with an alternative current of frequencies of 50Hz and 60Hz. The effects of an electric shock can include tissue heating, neurological difficulties, muscular contractions, increased blood pressure and in some more severe cases, cardiac arrest.

Risk assessments should be frequently carried out in the workplace, so to identify any hazards.

The assessment is likely to identify any electrical appliances which can be a danger to you and those around you. The law indicates that the assessments should highlight how you identified the hazards, how your overcome them and how workers were protected and informed of the risks.

PAT Testing (portable appliance testing) takes place to ensure that certain electrical equipment is safe to use.

Some defects can be seen, but many require a full test. There are no set frequencies for PAT testing, however, it is recommended that IT equipment should be tested every 24 months, whereas class one equipment should be tested every 48 months.

After you have completed tests, it is essential to identify the piece of equipment with a label, as this is an efficient method of keeping a record of when they were last tested and the results which were found from it.

It is not essential to test new equipment, however, a simple visual analysis is needed.

Electrical appliances should be thoroughly checked and maintained, both in the workplace and at home to prevent serious accidents from arising.