New NAPIT scheme is “vital for electrical safety”…

The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers () has launched a new Electrical Inspector Scheme for installers.

This system has been designed to help consumers and businesses find the right tradesperson for electrical inspection and testing work across the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Demand for this kind of work is increasing rapidly due to recent changes in legislation, along with the meticulous and ever-growing risk management by insurance companies, in particular, the use of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs). Employers and landlords now have an increased focus placed on them with regards to legal obligations; and an EICR has now become, in many cases, a requirement.

In light of this, NAPIT is now offering an effective and simple method of identifying fully qualified and experienced electricians to carry out EICR work. This new search system separates registered inspectors by their expertise, such as domestic, commercial and industrial, allowing specifiers to select the appropriate person.

NAPIT managing director of standards, David Cowburn, said: “The Electrical Inspector Scheme we’ve developed is set to enhance inspection and testing standards. Previously, anyone was able to carry out an EICR and claim they are competent to do so without any checks. This new scheme will now verify this claim by confirming qualifications and insurance of the Electrical Inspectors and ensuring a sample of each registrant’s EICR work is inspected via regular assessments.”

NAPIT has also been campaigning with regards to concerns raised around electrical safety checks in privately rented property, which this new system begins to address.